Diamonds In Situ: Nirav Modi Flagship Boutique by Jamie Hayon

Snapshot: The dramatic jewelry designs of Nirav Modi go hand in hand with Jamie Hayon's theatrical and luxurious interior of the flagship boutique in New Delhi. 

Spanish artist and designer Jamie Hayon has brought his signature style of decorative craftsmanship to New Delhi, where jewelry design denizens Nirav Modi have opened their first retail boutique in their native country. Sweeping expanses of black lacquered cases and counters beautifully reflect and highlight the sparkling gems within. Installation-like displays feature delicate paper cutouts reminiscent of some of Nirav Modi's fastidiously crafted pieces.  A superb example of the interplay and corroboration between the display and displayed is a hanging lacquered table, set aside in a private viewing area, the construction, balance, and beauty of which is so eye catching it manages to elevate that which is already so precious within.
Amidst the dense luxury of black, gold, and mirrored ceilings, simple yet elegant bespoke furniture pieces add splashes of sultry and sophisticated red in a nod to Asian decor and art. The second floor of the vast 6,000 square foot establishment features a dedicated bridal salon, and a workshop where guests watch as Nirav Modi artisans craft the fabulous jewels they're known for. This floor also features the "River Room" where clients may actually don dripping diamonds whilst seated at a continuous marble counter top that snakes throughout the entire space.

Hayon's flair for the artistic and theatrical, combined with his dedication to precise and intricate craftsmanship, created the perfect setting for the delicate, whimsical design, and highest quality gems, of the Nirav Modi collections.

Photography courtesy of: Hayon Studio