Hair to the Chief: R Salon by Creneau International

Snapshot: Hairstylist extrordinaire Enzo Riggio opens a second salon, this one in his home town in Belgium, with the help of local design moguls Creneau International that mixes industrial materials with cozy couches and bold patterns.

Enzo Riggio, the hairdressing legend and mentor, has opened a second salon in his hometown after nearly 20 successful years with his shop in Genk. He seized upon the opportunity to create his own heaven for hair styling, and enlisted Belgium based Creneau International to design everything from the interior to branding of the new venture, simply named "R".

Polished concrete, steel, and undulating black and white stripes dominate the main work area of R. The stripes hearken back to classic barbershop poles, but instead of gently twining outside a main street shop, the bold patterning adds texture and playfulness to an otherwise industrial space. With the outsized framed photographs found throughout the salon featuring gorgeous hair models and inspirational sayings, the room is fleetingly reminiscent of a subway station. The bank of mirrored styling stations in the center of the room is slim and understated, it's natural wood and that of the low cabinet add warmth and remnants of materiality from the waiting area.

Before clients make their way to the styling chair, they relax in what appears to be your very stylish aunt's living room, complete with hairdressing related knickknacks and photos in an antique case, warm and worn plank wood flooring, and an overstuffed, sink into it with a Vogue and cup of tea, leather sofa. Delicate trellis separates this little cozy world from the work area and the specialty shop.

A small but solid counter with brown leather stools seems a likely place to order a pint, but the wares behind the bar are Riggio approved products to keep your new look looking it's best. The salon also functions as a classroom, and two mirrored seats at the end of bar allow for practicing with products and training those tresses into silky submission.

Part train station, part living room, part collegiate cafe, Creneau International successfully married the disparate elements of R to create the atmosphere expected from a high-end salon, with bold and artistic modernist twists.