Studio You Me and Thomas Coward Recreate Artedomus’ New Showroom

Snapshot: Australia’s leading supplier of architectural interior design, Artedomus have decided to celebrate their exclusive collection with the biggest renovation of their Melbourne-based showroom in 30 years.

In time for Melbourne’s Indesign event, hundreds of architects and designers were able to experience Artedomus’ new showroom and witness the most up-to-date designs in interior architecture. The masterminds behind the transformation, Studio You Me and Thomas Coward turned the 250 sq. foot space into a gallery that features each product, be it works by Italian Bath Company Agape or Japanese ceramics from INAX, upon a stage in a way that allows you to fully conceptualize each piece as a potential addition to your dream house. Making use of the white space, dark platforms and bright wooden stands deliver a dramatic contrast that emphasizes special attention to each product,

Some highlights of the showroom include Agape’s DR “Doctor” bathtub, a two person bath designed with comfort in mind, and handmade stone tiles that come in so many shapes and textures that they’re sure to inspire some ideas for a renovation of your own. Located in Richmond (a suburb just outside of Melbourne), the showroom is constantly featuring the newest products from designers worldwide.

Photography by Peter Clarke