Lily of the Valley Designed by Marie Deroudilhe

Snapshot: Paris-based designer and Patrick Jouin alum, Marie Deroudilhe dreamed up a tiny, flower-filled cafe sanctuary for Lily of the Valley.

The café is a vibrant little spot that’s bursting with life. Fauna gently hangs from the entire ceiling, creating an overhead garden that definitely sets a relaxing, lush tone. It’s a sanctuary perfect for laying back and enjoying your favorite tea. Mirrors reflect the overhead flowers and greener, capturing light in a way that makes it seem like the reflections are instead windows to a fantastical wonderland. The walls and floors were left in their original state, which creates a flowing distortion of time when juxtaposed with modern design. Deroudilhe wanted to have a “sense of out-of-time” dissonance that would give the little shop a unique and fun flavor.

“Lily of the Valley is the story of Pauline, who quit her long term job in assets management to dedicate her time to her passions: tea and home-made gluten free pastries” - Marie Deroudilhe

The French cafe is the perfect place to spend the afternoon and embrace the magical atmosphere that Marie Deroudilhe envisioned in Lily of the Valley.

Photography by Julie ANSIAU