Gift Wrapped: ATELIER CENTRAL present the new BMWi to Press




All the city’s a stage for the new fully electric BMWi range. However, before it gets on the road, Jose Martinez Silva built an actual stage for these innovative automobiles to showcase their groundbreaking sustainable mobility.

Revealing a brand new range of visionary electric vehicles to the press, BMW has to come with a little more gusto, and the creative team at Atelier Central were just the ticket. With a strong background in brand design and a long list of auto clientele including Volkswagon and Audi, their extensive knowledge and astute understanding of the industry lead to the creation of this expert framing device to both highlight and reflect the vehicles inside.

This new BMWi range is emission-free for city driving, sustainable, compact and by and large the best looking environmentally friendly car we have seen yet. With lots of press exposure on the horizon, it was imperative that the stage mirror the ethos of the vehicles’ design and low carbon footprint. Not only is the structure conveniently collapsible and removable to leave behind as little as possible, but it operates on LED lights for low consumption which are arranged in a dramatic circling fashion to mimic a theatrical stage curtain.

By detailing with micro-perforation, corrugation and opaque backgrounds, there is a sleek contrast with the rough, exposed grey of the surrounding concrete garage. Similarly, the metal encasement glows against the parquet floors with a wide board of larch wood, and light bounces off the bright white ceiling overhead, further adding to the electric emissions of these shining new beauties.

The BMWi is arguably the most progressive sports car in the world of sustainable energy yet, and is aptly showcased on a slick, shining stage. Much more appropriate than a giant bow.

Photography by Fernando Guerra for FG+SG Fotografia de Arquitecture