Bureau Betak Designs Christian Dior's RTW SS15 Runway

“I proposed the antithesis of what people were used to seeing. I went in and tried to make [shows] very fast, very compact, very energetic and very minimal in the sense of how many messages you put into one.” –Alexandre de Betak

Alexandre de Betak is no stranger to creating innovative, world famous fashion shows that subvert the traditional sense of what a runway should be. Minimalistic and downright breathtaking, his newest design, the Christian Dior RTW SS15 at the Cour Carrée du Louvre in Paris is just the sort of awe-inspiring, unique show you would expect from Bureau Betak. Having produced over 600 runway shows, Betak is a master at crafting the perfect presentation for his client. Be it Dior or Rodarte, he can create an atmosphere that matches the essence of the line of clothing he represents.

The RTW SS15 begins at its doors: guests are greeted by a rectangular building covered in distorted mirrors that reflect the Louve in a way that shifts and twists it, a statement that something fresh, different and maybe even out of the comfort zone is to come. A continuation of Raf Simmon’s couture, the stage for the RTW maintains a futurist motif to the previous show in the series that still holds its own personality.

Reimagining the bounds of a fashion show, the curvilinear runway allows the entire audience to have a first class view of the Simmon’s work. The four micro-stages are each lit in a way that emphasizes the high contrast between black and white floors that separate the viewing areas, a design that makes the models seem to gracefully glow on stage as they shift from dark to light.  Betak’s design definitely defines the energy of the show, boldly presenting Simmon’s new line as the hottest thing in fashion.

Photography courtesy of Bureau Betak