Neild Avenue by Lazzarini Pickering Architetti

Snapshot: One of Sydney's most reputable restauranteur, Maurice Terzini has paired up with Lazzarini Pickering Architetti, the same team that brought us Bondi Icebergs, for the realization of Neild Avenue.

Fusing great food and fashion, the Mediterranean restaurant makes for a cool, modern experience that celebrates attention to design, service and food. Making full use of the 50 foot height of the space, two hovering “houses” were built that can encompass a party, creating an acoustic absorbing space that functions as the ultimate intimate dining experience.  The houses can even be lowered or raised to perfectly match the mood: “The inherent theatricality of the moving houses creates a myriad of configurations: houses lowered at the beginning of a night or on a quiet night to screen off empty spaces, a more intimate feel in winter of the possibility to create a private room for a dinner party.” To top it off, every six months a prominent artist is commissioned to add their own artwork to the table, painting the houses in any way they feel fit (Anthony Lister’s vibrant rendition is currently on exhibit).

Neild Avenue has made a wonderful use of a uniquely large space to create very different and modern restaurant experience. Creating “pods” within the large area, the small sections encourage communal dining, a method that Mediterranean cuisine flourishes in, and a truly comfortable space that is sure to spark an amazing dining experience. The various houses crafted from rough timber and canvas make the restaurant a sort of town square, a stage in which patrons can completely absorb themselves in the atmosphere of Neild.

Quilted banquettes, tailored bar sofas and perfectly coordinated lighting juxtaposed alongside the picturesque quasi houses makes for a theatrical experience unique to Neild.

Photography by Eszter and David