A Well-Curated Home: Isay Weinfeld Designs Casa Cubo

The realization of Isay Weinfeld's Casa Cubo is the mutual vision of the Brazilian architect and the home owners; two contemporary art collectors. Conceived from the belief that art should be shared, Casa Cubo is a lodging and support center to artists and the development of the arts, but with all necessary facilities to serve as a home.

Architecturally, the home stands as a three level cube with a mezzanine directly above the ground floor. From the street, one enters the house walking up a stone path set in the midst of a lush garden. An entrance hall gives way to a wide room featuring double ceiling height and polished concrete flooring, intended to host events, exhibitions or simply function as a lounge, opening onto a small green lawn. The gallery, located on the basement level, opens onto a small patio bathed in natural light through an opening on the above slab.

The mezzanine is set on the concrete slab topping the kitchen, dining room. The entrance hall on the ground floor, houses the library, which is marked by three strong elements: a shelving unit extending the whole back wall, running over a strip of fixed glass next to the floor, and a spiral staircase covered in wood that leads to the three bedrooms with bathrooms upstairs.

The ultimate highlight of the space is the unexpected employment of art pieces scattered throughout the interiors. Artist Antony Gormley's headless human-like sculptures carved from lead and fiberglass are secured into the ceiling, dangling by their necks. Custom furnishings, hand-stitched quilts, and bespoke railings all act as individual and unique art pieces within the gallery.

A contemporary floating concrete staircase extends from the ground floor to the mezzanine. Once on the mezzanine, Weinfeld contrasted the modern concrete staircase below with a wonderful Brazilian ironwood floating spiral staircase that reaches up to the living quarters.

All in all, this residence is a marriage between two great loves. The unconditional love of everything that is art and architecture. Both great loves come from one source: Isay Weinfeld.