Laem Charoen Seafood, Bangkok

In Bangkok's seaside province of Rayong, a family-style seafood eatery designed by the Architects at Onion is adding a cozy, yet modern, atmosphere to the local dining scene. Modest beaches dotted around the Rayong Province are tranquil paradises for sea lovers who wish for hideaway places near the capital, a fitting place for Laem Charoen Seafood. The designers at Onion devised a hexagon pattern screen that creates partitions, adds architectural interest, and controls the flow of the restaurant.

Warm colors were introduced into the modern space to provide a warm atmosphere that best represents the identity of Laem Charoen's 30 year old brand. Mint green glass railings, diagonal wood slats, and dining chairs upholstered in an array of emerald colored tones sit underneath custom made ceramic lamps that are coated in a copper color. At the front of the restaurant, the wooden hexagonal screens are open, but at the rear of the restaurant, the screen holes are filled with mirrors that reflect the geometric screens and create visual interest.

Photography By Pruk Dejkhamhaeng