Juvia Penthouse, Miami Beach

Directly above Herzog & de Meuron's undulating parking structure sits a new Miami eatery, an open-air penthouse called Juvia. The spot serves up an impressive trinity of French, Japanese, and Peruvian dishes conceived by restaurateurs as well as husband and wife Jonas and Alexandra Milan. After the duo skipped and trotted around the globe to hone in on their new concept, they brought on Venezuelan architect Alejandro Barrios-Carrero to take the reigns on creating the ambiance for Juvia, which over looks the bikini-clad crowd on the sands of Miami Beach.

Although the design was spearheaded by Barrios-Carrero, the project was actually a massive collaboration of top-notch creatives. Patricia Urquiola created custom furniture for the 10,000 square foot indoor/outdoor restaurant, acclaimed French botanist Patrick Blancwas commissioned to realize a a 22-foot high Amazonian-inspired plant wall on the terrace of the penthouse, and the lighting was left to designer Thomas Patterson. Barrios-Carrero then happily meshed together the creative juices of these designers to manifest an fresh earthy aesthetic with an exotic flare.