Jung Von Matt Headquarters, Germany

The advertising creatives at Jung Von Matt call Hamburg their home, as they have held their headquarters in a historic 19th century factory building for quite some time now. Only recently, did the marketing gurus call upon the architects at Stephan Williams Associates to extend their workspace with the occupation of two new floors. These two new floors have quickly been dubbed the "elephant house", because they are the new home to Jung Von Matt's heavyweight executive team.

The architects at Stephan Williams wanted to create a space with dominant design features to suite the agency's occupants. Strong and dark materials like wood and hunter green walls were implemented into the space which includes open offices, private offices, small conversational areas, and one gigantic conference table which has a seat for each director.

Jung Von Matt's logo is a angular version of a Trojan horse. This logo is proudly represented throughout the office and wildly introduced in the cafe seating area on the fourth floor. Stephan Williams designed the seating units to resemble the logo, "It is an entirely wood-clad, comfortable space for informal conversations over a tea or coffee, which so often create the spark for big idea", the architects explained. Stephan Williams wanted to create a "timeless design that reflects the agency’s character and idiosyncrasies in every detail." Which was accomplished in more than one way!