House Of Purple Hotel, Seoul




Purple has always been a haut color, originally associated with royalty and nobility when Tyrian purple was only affordable to the elite classes. House Of Purple continues the tradition, providing a lavish home-away-from home in Seoul’s affluent gangnam-gu neighborhood for the purple card holders of South Korea’s leading credit card company, Hyundai Card. Designed by staat, an international creative agency based in Amsterdam, the exclusive space breathes elegance and luxury, while simultaneously maintaining an intentionally homey vibe. “Everything in House of the Purple is personally curated. Every object is a work of art. Designed to evoke the senses. Stimulate the curious mind. And instill a sense of taste. Discerning taste. Because less is more.”

The shell of the spacious 300 sqm hotel is a minimalistic concrete structure, the perfect backdrop for a lavish interior. Pull back the plush velour curtains at the entrance of the ‘members only’ hotel and you’ll be greeted by glossy, black, wood floors and an expansive living room dotted with vintage furniture pieces and chic antique trophies that leads out to a secluded terrace with a lush vertical garden. We have to admit, we’re green purple with envy.

Images Provided by House Of Purple