Europe's Largest Wellness Center: Aquagranda

Get a glimpse of Italy's brand new wellness center which happens to take the grand title of the largest wellness center on the whole European continent! Aquagranda Livigno Wellness Park is a center for men, woman, children, Seniors, and athletes who want to heal their mind or body.

The massive 200,000 meter park is designed by Simone Micheli who wanted the users of the center to experience "positive emotions" while interacting with the space. Aquagranda includes a large thermarium, a beauty area offering a variety of body treatments, swimming pools, a fitness area, lounges, shopping centers and restaurants. The semi-Olympic swimming pool is completely surrounded in black, with a bright white swimming pool so that bathers dive into the light, all designed to instill a feeling of tranquility and harmony. Though many people might not describe the design as "tranquil or harmonious," it is interesting to visualize Micheli's definition of those words as he has played it out in the Aquagranda.