Paris Gets A New Aesop Store

The Melbourne born company Aesop has been true to the brand and identity of the company throughout its growth. Each brick & mortar shop carries the same visual concept, only slightly different.

The company recently opened a new store in Paris, France designed by their go to team March Studios. March has designed quite a few of their other stores so they have had time to become acquainted with the brand. In their new Parisian spot, there was little room to have a window display, so March approached the façade with the idea to incorporate the entire store as an exhibition style window display.  

The Aesop boxes are captured inside black nets which hang from the wall and ceiling with vintage pendant light bulbs reaching low. The bi-folding windows double in use as the entry doors, while the netted box display becomes a visually exciting entry point. Throughout the rest of the space, Aesop wanted to bring back it's trademark plank wood walls. The unfinished wood planks protrude from the wall in various lengths acting as product shelving. Next time you are walking the streets of Paris make sure you stop in  to check out this store, if not for hand cream, to check out the innovators behind this well branded company.