Off The Page: Saina Koohnavard Puts Her Sketches on the Body

Snapshot: Swedish fashion designer, Saina Koohnavard, is turning the fashion industry on its head by working against institutional guidelines. The designer is literally taking the design sketch off the page and putting on a body.

Should clothes be generated from the body or the other way around?

Saina Koohnavard’s  aesthetic is unlike anything in fashion at the moment. Using bold colors, patterns, and silhouettes, she is moving away from starting the design process with a simple, flat sketch. Koohnavard expresses that it is almost impossible to be satisfied with the manifestation of the flat sketch because it works against the body.

Too much time is spent developing the sketch, while not enough time is focused on the three-dimensional equivalent. The physical body needs to become an integral part of the creative process.

The Swedish designer juxtaposes this fashion industry tradition. Koohnavard designed a line that takes the sketch and projects it onto the moving, curved body. The clothing is a near exact representation of a sketch, in that, the clothes are flat, broad, and do not conform to the body. It appears as though, the designer blew up the sketch, colored it, then cut it out and pasted on a body.

The result: a collection that aims to explore how we perceive clothing and a social commentary on the faults in the design process.