A Case as Tough as Leather: Margo’s iPhone & Tablet Sleeves

The burgeoning market for iPhone cases and tablet sleeves has been on a steady climb for the past couple of years. In that short amount of time we have seen all manner of designs appear on the back of everyone’s favorite piece of technology, from bizarre pop culture references to cute, sorority embossed accessories. However, British design company Margo has come up with a product that not only lasts longer but is runway worthy.

Margo has blessed the world with the leather iPhone case, and an iPad case for all the tablet users out there. This may sound like an accessory best suited to a cowboy, but Margo’s case is an elevated answer to the cheap pieces of colored plastic that have flooded the market. Margo is a company, based out of London, who take their products very seriously, and their line of Apple friendly accessories demonstrate a level of prestige and precision that will not be found just anywhere.

Founder of Margo, designer Jessika Margo Goransson, places a lot of emphasis on the accessory in her work, as well as using choice materials that will outlast many of the alternatives. Goransson's line of iPhone cases is an amalgamation of much of her previous work; a well-crafted and fine tuned add on perfect for any kind of wear.

The cases are sleek, practical, and will be the piece de resistance in any outfit you pair them with. Made from Spanish buffalo hide, they are so tough that the normal wear and tear that comes with having an iPhone will not show for years to come.

Longevity aside, these cases are laden with bells and whistles that will make your head spin. Detachable wrist straps and/or neck straps, spot or net overlay on the case of your choice, even a shiny addition for those who don’t see leather as a wow factor. The cases are constructed with authentic materials and take a refined approach to protecting your gadgetry.

Photography courtesy of Margo