Luxury Meets Sustainability: the Hand Sewn High

Feit releases the Hand Sewn High – a line of handmade and sustainable shoes.

Feit is the footwear brand started by the multitalented brothers Tull and Josh Price – and it’s all about beauty, craft, and sustainability. Each of their products are hand sewn by craftsmen who have been specially chosen by the Price brothers themselves. The brand prides itself on using chemical-free leathers and dyes as well as never using glues or adhesives (offgassing adhesives contributes to those embarrassing stinky shoes).

Their newest design takes a Feit classic, the Hand Sewn High, and releases it in a creamy and gorgeous greige suede. The shoe itself is minimal beyond belief, with no unnecessary stitching or ornamental seams. The only visible stitching is 100% cotton, running down the back of the heel. The dreamy color palette is accented with a dark brown sole, completing the shoe.

The brand is hitting a ton of benchmarks with their line, and doing each quite successfully: the brother’s have redefined the classic hi-top court sport sneaker, and done it in a sustainable way. Each pair is handmade and the each collection caps out at 60 pairs – add that to the high price point, and you’ve got yourself a collectible pair of sustainable shoes.

In a landscape where sustainability isn’t always on the forefront, eco-fashion can sometimes look a bit too “granola”. But Feit’s Hand Sewn High is so impeccably crafted and well planned, that it doesn’t even seem like eco-fashion at first glance. The Price brothers are setting the bar high for sustainable fashion that actually looks good. Because at the end of the day, we all want to save the planet – but we want to look good while we’re doing it.

Photography by Feit Direct