Euclidean Geometry: Platonic Solid by Kofta

Kiev-based designer Konstantin Kofta, who founded the label Kofta, has drawn inspiration from a fundamental component of Euclidean Geometry, the Platonic Solid, in his new design of bags and backpacks.

A Platonic Solid is a convex polyhedron, with congruent faces of regular polygons and the same number of faces meeting at each vertex. There are 5 such solids in the physical world that make up the structure of all the periodic table elements. Kofta adapts these structures to create backpacks in shades of black, gray and white, adding a very unique edge to the object of utility.

Many of the backpacks are a creative play on the tetrahedral structure which is commonly seen in diamond motifs. Cubic and octahedral geometries also surface on Kofta's catalog of bag design. The chains are placed along the edges, one of the vertices of the tetrahedron technically, giving the bags a trim, clean-cut look. The shoulder straps are sleek and elegant and appear to be amply supportive without compromising on the focus of the shapes.

Looking at Kofta's bags and backpacks, one realizes that the designs are atypical and not influenced by major fashion trends. Some may dub the "look" sci-fi while others may call it modern, but these bags are definitely trend-setters.

Photography courtesy of Kofta