The Girl From Ipanema Goes Walking: Osklen SS 2014 Collection 5521 Rio

Oskar Metsavaht is part fashion designer, part filmmaker, and part environmentalist.  5521 Rio, the SS 2014 collection for his brand Osklen, is an expression of each of these personas with cosmopolitan beach wear designs for men and women that are cinematic in color and form, and sustainable in materials. 

For the creative story behind this collection, Metsavaht drew inspiration from his home in Ipanema and it's contrasting elements of laid back beach culture and lush natural surroundings, and the high intensity night life of the city.  The predominant colors and themes reflect both sides of Rio's personality, featuring subdued sand, gray, and black found in rough stones of the beaches, as well as vibrant greens, reds, blues, and oranges inspired by precious stones and the glittering lights of the city at night. 

The patterns found throughout the 5521 Rio collection range from bold florals with the distinct lines and bright luminosity of stained glass, to glamorous bejeweled palm trees, to simple stripes and classic checks.  The hemlines are short, and the dress shapes are airy and straight, but retain sexy silhouettes and feature unexpected cutouts and necklines.  Fitted pants for men and women are paired with slim suit jackets, and long sculpted shirts.  Sophisticated angular crop tops are stunning with party ready shorts and slip on patterned sneakers. 

As a champion of the "new luxury" movement, Metsavaht uses sustainable yet sumptuous materials like organic and handmade silk, linen, and zibeline for his Osklen line. The fabrics reflect the company's ethical fashion ethos, without sacrificing an indulgent attitude.  Like the city it was inspired by, the look and feel of 5521 Rio is effortlessly chic, subtly complex, and seriously flirtatious. 

Photography courtesy of Osklen