Unit Portables' Uber-customizable Unit 01

Scandinavian brand Unit Portables launches uber-customizable and colorful laptop cases.

The modern and minimal Scandinavian aesthetic has made its way to bags with Unit Portables newly launched shoulder bag collection: Unit 01. Each bag is customizable to the users needs in terms of use, storage, and appearance. What’s even better is that the brand’s new adaptable storage system has security built into the design – making it really hard for pilfers to try and snatch your goods.

The bag, which comes with both an adjustable shoulder strap and handle, is built with a system of heavy-duty strips on the outside and inside. Unit 01 can be folded up in a variety of ways – but that’s just the beginning of its adaptability. Each bag comes with two smaller pouches, called Unit 02 and Unit 03 (finally, Scandinavian design names we can keep up with – Ikea, take note!). These smaller pouches can be fixed anywhere on the strips – making the options for storing your wallet, phone, or charger pretty endless.

The highly customizable Unit 01 comes in a huge selection of colors. You can get any basic color like black or brown, or rock one of their wilder options like Russet, Cloud, and Amazon Green. What really takes the individuality of these bags to the next level is the fact that customers can pick and choose different colors for Unit 02 and 03. Your red shoulder bag doesn’t have to have red pockets anymore; you can stick on yellow ones, blue ones, green ones – or even go crazy and put on two different colors!

Colors and customization aside, the polyester bag’s construction is beautiful, making for a bold yet minimal laptop case. The brand’s strip and pouch system also makes it hard for people to try and swipe things from your bag – everything you have is locked into place. If you’re feeling a little nervous about having your belongings on the outside of the bag, just switch them to the inside. Having your precious laptop stolen is now a fear you can let go of – focus more on giant spiders and insane heights.

Photography Courtesy of Unit Portables