Woven Leather: Martina Spetlova's Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection

Designer Martina Spetlova gets crafty with leather—basketweave style.

Martina Spetlova doesn’t just toss in a pair of pants here or a jacket there and call it a day when she sends leather down the runway. The London-based Czech designer really puts the material to work for her. Woven leather, pleated leather, and good old-fashioned patent leather—she does it all.

Woven leather has truly become her signature, however, and this most recent collection is no exception. Spetlova’s Autumn/Winter 2014 line shows off her trademark with looks that are edgy yet sophisticated. Photographer Adam Goodison captured every detail of the AW14 collection in this shoot styled by Cynthia Lowrence-John.
Spetlova’s woven leather technique creates bold, geometric patterns that manage to pop even alongside blazing reds and charged-up blues. It’s a thread she maintains throughout the entire line. Almost every look of the collection incorporates the basketweave in some way using both leather and satin.

The award-winning designer’s treatment of the leather introduces a variety of textures to a material that is usually pretty consistent—smooth. Many of her woven tops also boast pleated leather collars, adding yet another dimension to the garment.

Though certainly design-heavy, the ‘heavy’ somehow doesn’t come across. Spetlova’s collection in all its bright-colored and loud-patterned glory remains tasteful and sleek.

Photography Courtesy of Martina Spetlova