Henten Creates Smiley Little Bag Collection

Snapshot: The Barcelona-based bag makers over at HENTEN get cheeky with their latest Smiley Little Bag collection. The limited edition, genuine leather handbag series arranges hardware into a wink and smile.

HENTEN is a company founded on the inspiring journey of Finnish sculptor Håvard Henten, a man who traveled Europe and Africa during the 1920's in an undoubtedly Dadaist spirit. The sole prior condition for taking part in this journey was to carry only that part of one’s life and one’s work that could fit into a handbag. Only the bare minimum, the truly essential. The most cherished.

Henten's work did not go down in history, but his philosophy did become the foundation for the Henten bag.

This Smiley Little HENTEN Bag is a combination of brown and black block color grained leather with metallic hardware accents.
A great smile is the perfect accessory to wear with this bag.

Photography by HENTEN