Bona Fide 3D Printed Pumps

Chaemin Hong fused cowhide leather, studded gold hardware, and a 3D printed heel to create her latest A/W 2013-14 collection of future-forward pumps.

The designer says that her inspiration behind the design of the heels is derived from the concept of humankind being at the top of the food chain. Hong explained, "the moment that human beings climb up to the top of that pyramid, they act as if they are completely unrelated to the food chain pyramid."

"Human beings observe the animals in the natural state on TV, and watch the animals’ survival instinct as if they are surprised. Bones of the animals, sources of protein, that were thrown away leave behind animal form. It is not like the animals disappeared: Instead, they were merely dismantled. When the bones re-combine to formulate a new form to create yet another creation, I wonder whether they could instill life into something new instead of merely serving as the remnant of the food chain."

The deconstructive design of the heels, in theory, is the combination of the dismantled bones. The concept that began with the idea of new creations, sought to re-create the feel and shape of the bones, by using a diverse set of techniques. Although the dramatically arched, bone-like heel is the centerpiece of these pumps, the textured peach Nubuck leather and grey cowhide leather end up stealing the show, as the pieces are impressively held together with a cozy white leather "sock".

Chaemin Hong