'Swatch' Ring Watch, Madrid

This is not a Swatch watch, but it should be. The new 'Swatch' Ring Watch is a futuristic rearrangement of the classical watch, where the continuously ticking hands are replaced with two circular e-ink screens. Javier Vallejo García, founder of Madrid-based advertising and design agency JVG, devised the a thin, flexible watch in attempt to re-work a classic piece to absolute minimalism.

García described the Swatch Ring Watch as a representation of the "maximum simplification of a traditional wristwatch through its elimination of numbers and hands in favor of the two rings. This minimalist design provides both a clean and simple look that marries perfectly with the watch's eye-catching aesthetic."

"It's signature crown still provides an effective means for changing the hour while its hidden e-ink screen shows off the vivid color bands with exceptional definition, ultimately maintaining an analog aspect while also providing a longer battery life."

Hinting toward the arrival of more e-ink reading technologies in flexible devices, the 'Swatch' Ring Watch concept is cool stepping stone for the wearable technologies industry and will surely be the inspiration for more creative and visually pleasing wearable gadgets.

Photography ByJVG