Stella Jean's Jeune Belle Et Gatee Collection

What sort of creations would you expect from a Haitian born designer raised in Rome, with a deep Creole heritage? Something unexpected, perhaps? We're talking about the cultural roots of fashion merry-maker Stell Jean.

Mr. Jean'sJeune Belle Et Gatee Collection was inspired by old photographs taken at the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties showing the mother of the designer at embassy cocktail parties and art shows.

The beautiful silk collection is a stunning example of Jean's unique process of creating the garments. Jean appraoches the clothes in a direct manner, skipping the step of drawing and straight to the body.

Marrying so, the thought of Vionnet, an indispensable drape, and, in some way shape, the dress directly on the body, since, in his words "the body having three dimensions we can not commit to paper."

Jean dreamed that the garments in this collection would be a prelude to intriguing evenings. Dresses of elegance and feminine pantsuits are hand painted with images and colorful patterns, his draping has a slip on sensuality in the form of soft jerseys shining as silk!

(Photography: Stella Jean)