Jaime Hayon's Orolog Watch

Tech boom? What tech boom? No matter how for advanced in technology we think we are, it is clearly apparent that we are still in infant stages compared to the possibilities of the future. Even though gadgets are popping up left and right, attempting to give people efficiency and convenience, there is one, old gadget, that won't die - the wrist watch! One of our favorite designers Jaime Hayon has teamed up with Ian Lowe to start a new company called Orolog, to design and manufacture innovative Swiss Made time pieces.

Here is a glimpse at their first collection which is comprised of 3 simple function and 3 chronographs using multiple materials within a clean and simple design. Hayon wanted to create the series by "exploring the combination of classical elements and modern details to create a contemporary classic [watch]."

The talented designer created an organically shaped case, ‘Capitone’ quilted texture dial face, a clever use of typographic details for numerals, complemented by exquisite colored leather straps (made from Hermes leather).

The water resistant watches are manufactured in Switzerland, they feature Ronda quartz movements, with matte stainless steel and pvd case finishes, matching or contrasting matte black pvd buckles, crowns & pushers.

 (Photography: Jaime Hayon)