Very French Gangsters

Admit it. You always feel sorry for the token nerdy kid with glasses. Be it Ralphie from the Christmas Story or Steve Urkel from Family Matters, the poor chump is always taken down a few notches in all of his horn-rimmed awkwardness.

Well, rejoice near-sighted youngsters of the word, for alas, we’ve found spectacle salvation! Feast your eyes on Very French Gangsters – a brand of prescription glasses and sunglasses for tykes 3-10 years old. Founders Karoline BOTHOREL-Bolzinger and Anne Masanetmeld comfort and style to create uniquely awesome specs that leave kids looking stoked. I mean, their “Very Boss” shades say it all – “Knack that commands respect.” Now that’s a cool 6 year old if I’ve even seen one. Just check out the mug shots of these kids sporting specs. How stoked do they look? These glasses are most definitely boss. We only wish they made them for, ya know, normal, adult-sized faces. *Sigh.

(Photography: Very French Gangsters)