Interview With Crumpler's Sam Davy

We can’t help but look at Crumpler bags and see anthropomorphic carryalls that are beckoning to be taken home and loved (for a lifetime - we might add, as the bags have an awesomely cool “till death do us part” lifetime guarantee). Maybe it’s the bright pops of color or maybe it’s their friendly curves, playful snaps and zippers, whatever it is they have a lovably sturdy vibe, that asks to be pushed to the limits of durability.

The bags began in the 90’s as the brainchild of a Melbourne based chap who was using his grandmother’s sewing machine to sew a tarp into a bag sturdy enough to cart home a 12-pack of beer on his bike (Brilliant!). Since the initial prototype rolled off of his grandmother’s sewing machine, the principles behind Crumpler have basically remained the same – simplicity, experimentation, a smattering of humor and a determination to make the best bag you can scissor from a single piece of fabric.

Whether it’s a sweet camera bag, everyday wallet, jet-setting duffle on wheels, or just, you know, the perfect ahem… ‘slumber party’ bag to avoid that token walk of shame, these bad boys have got you covered. And now, if you are a friend of Knstrct on Facebook, you can take home your very own Crumpler bag in our giveaway!

Sam Davy, the current Creative Director at Crumpler, has had quite the career. His last gig was as the Creative Director for a little company called Apple (Sound familiar?). One might venture to say he’s kiiiiiind of a big deal. We certainly think so. We had the pleasure of picking his brain and being privy to his creative philosophy and what makes the Crumpler brand such an excellently designed, well-loved product.

Sam Davy, Creative Director at Crumpler

1. When you first laid your eyes on a Crumpler bag what were your initial thoughts?

My first thought was that they had a wonderful soul. 2. After you came on board at Crumpler, as the Creative Director, How did you feel you could add to the product and brand?

My impression when I joined was that Crumpler had drifted away from its original idea, which was to create bloody simple bags that last. And the marketing of the brand had moved into an awkward place of ‘marketing the marketing’, the products had been left out of the story. The first thing I did was focus the whole company back on the products, cut the ones that didn’t work, make new ones that do and then go about introducing people to them.

3. You had an impressive career at Apple, as their Creative Director, (Yep! we did our homework on you), Is the execution of your job contingent on the product? Im other words, do you have the same creative philosophy regardless of whether you are making computers? or bags?

Yes, absolutely. Ultimately the customer cares about the product they purchase, that’s what they build a relationship with, not the brand. So if the products don’t live up to expectations then you’re on wobbly ground.

4. What sets Crumpler apart from other bags?

Crumpler bags are incredibly well designed and made, all our bags start life as paper patterns and we have a very experienced and talented team of pattern makers based in Melbourne that create the prototypes. This traditional process ensures the bags are well thought through and it gives them a soul, and a feeling that someone has put a lot of care and attention into the design. I think customers pick up on this and that’s why they love Crumpler. We also back our products with a lifetime warranty… customers LOVE this!

5. Who do you have in mind during the creative process of designing the bags?

We think about how the bag will be used, where it will go, what it will carry and how. Then with that in mind we set about designing the perfect bag for the job. Sometimes the design comes quickly, other times it can take many rounds of prototyping. Generally we find the quicker the solution the better the bag.

6. I'm sure you are a huge Crumpler fan! Which bag do you use on a daily basis? Why?

I’m in a lucky position, I have many to choose from and I’m always testing new prototypes, but the bag I always come back to for daily use is the Seedy 3 vintage messenger bag, with The Haven camera pouch inside, it’s just a great combination.

(PhotographsProvided By: Crumpler)