Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow established her own label in 1970 and was one of the first of the industry to look at eye wear as fashion. As she began to make the two worlds collide, she brought on the help of famed fashion designers world wide to collaborate with.

Farrow and her collaborators stamped many of the shapes and styles of frames which we have seen through the 70's, 80's, 90's, and now into the new millennium! Including the avant-garde wraparounds that were Yoko Ono's signature 70's look. This sort of fashion forward approach to eye wear is what has kept Linda Farrow on top for over 40 years!

Farrow's most recent collaboration with Agent Provocateur gave birth to these 14 C1 Ride Me Black aviator style sunglasses, with studded leather side pieces, and flash mirror lens. $ 500.00

Another collaboration, this time between Linda Farrow and Jeremy Scott who together produced these Metallic Gold Hand Glasses. The Hand Glasses are considered more of an abstract form of eye wear, as they challenge the need for lenses! $300.00

Farrow and House of Holland created these unforgettable purple translucent frames. The entire piece is constructed out of the same material. These frames come in black, orange, green, and red, and will run you about $300.00.

Do these look familiar? Lady Gaga wore these Linda Farrow & Jeremy Scott Mickey's in her Paparazzi music video, then worn again by Beyonce in the Telephone music video. The circular foldable frames are Black teamed with dark grey CR39 lenses, and retail at about $600 big ones!

Charles Anastase and Farrow brought these clear translucent octagonal frames to their collection, made with nylon lenses! $400.00

Farrow and Mathew Williamson came together for these Milky jade oversize rounded frame optical glasses with gold studs and clear lens. $480.00