Mutewatch is a highly sophisticated timepiece that will keep you on point with your day-to-day tasks. The innovative watch has some impressive features imbedded into the design. Just give the watch a light tap on its surface and the band will light up with the time.

If you swipe your finger across the face of the band, you can adjust your alarm time. When your alarm goes off, the Mutewatch will vibrate to let you know to move on to your next task. And we’re not talking about just any old vibration, but a built-in motion sensor that will register your movement and automatically adjusts the strength of the vibrations!!! This groundbreaking watch is offered in red, white, and grey, with an LED screen that adjusts light levels based on its surroundings. Mutewatch is a Swedish based company operating out of Stockholm, that is currently selling their watch in local stores. If you’d rather not jet set to Scandinavia to scoop one up, save your frequent flier miles and try online.

Imagery Provided by Mutewatch