Agi & Sam Debut Their First Collection

Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cotton are a fashion design duo with the belief that fashion should never be taken too seriously. Their mantra is boldly apparent throughout their first collection, titled The Native American Colonization of European States.

The collection is described by Agi & Sam as “dissecting pop culture whilst looking back to an idealized notion of the Native American way of life presented in Wild West movies such as Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) by Sergio Leone. References are torn apart, manipulated and reassembled to create eye-catching, wearable clothes with a humorous twist.” Agi & Sam is a London-based label with a fresh, playful approach to men’s clothing. The garments offer a refreshing mix of understated silhouettes and innovative kaleidoscopic prints. The duo pairs a man-sized onesie with an overcoat and suede shoes, giving Casual Friday’s a run for their money.

Photography By Luke Stephenson