Fashion's New Collar Queens

Spring fever is the air and it’s prime time for some necking. (Get your mind out of the gutter - not THAT kind of necking!) We’re talking about gorgeously constructed collars awash with silk, taffeta, Swarvoski crystals, metallic wool silk, silver spikes, and gold studs from Eleven Objects.

These edgy, versatile, and unexpected creations can be credited to Linh Thi Do and Christine Rhee, two designers who said they “simultaneously decided that their wardrobes would be vastly improved by a different kind of accessory.” The two paired up to create Eleven Objects and are now presenting their first Fall 2011 collection – a collection that’s making us, dare we say … a little hot under the collar!

We touched base with Linh Thi Do and Christine Rhee who explained how the pair met last year while working at Doo.ri, "but we actually met about ten years ago but didn’t realize it until we started working on Eleven Objects. We both attended the summer fashion program at Parsons and sat next to each other for the first week of class."

The two went on to reason with us on why they felt the fashion world was in need of some fashionable collars, explaining that they "both felt that our wardrobes would be greatly improved if we had them." And this collection was inspired by "classic glamour with a twist!" We are curious about the collections to come, their inspiration, and who will be rocking them.

(Photographs Provided By Eleven Objects)