Dominic Jones never seems to stop wowing us! We previously reported on his last collection, and we couldn't stop ourselves from touching base with his extraordinary new jewelry collection again.

For those of you who enjoy eye-popping jewelry pieces, then get ready to feast your eyes on the brilliant and outrageous designs of the Dominic Jones 2011 collection. A dazzling collection of shiny, spiky pieces and black sea urchin-inspired eye pieces, there will nothing that screams "look at me!" more than these pieces.

In past collections Jones takes inspiration from the insects, animal teeth, and bones. In this latest portrayal of his talents, it's all about shapes, forms, and geometry. Want that accent piece that is so outrageous it grabs all the attention from the moment you walk into a room? Then check out the gallery for more inspired looks from the Dominic Jones 2011 collection.