Hyper-Reality Through Higher Ground: Sydney Festival’s newest art installation by Maser

Snapshot: Dublin-based graphic artist Maser constructs Higher Ground, a labyrinth of colorful corridors that shift reality into hyper-reality.

Dublin-based artist Maser is this year’s artist-in-residence at Australia’s Sydney Festival located in Hyde Park. For his residency, he has created a free two-story interactive art installation titled, Higher Ground. Known mostly for his unique, abstracted style, Maser’s Higher Ground invites the public to explore his colorful, hyper-realistic creation.

Inspired by the work of Dutch artist M.C. Escher, Higher Ground seeks to reexamine Escher’s themes of infinity and impossibility. From afar, the eye attempts to absorb the structure as a whole. The perspective-skewing combination of architecture and Maser’s vibrant graphic style, allows the installation to appear almost infinite.

What is unique about this work though, is that unlike Escher’s art, Higher Ground can be explored. According to Maser, “It’s about engaging the audience rather than just looking at a painting.” Set against the simple beauty of Hyde Park and St. Mary’s Cathedral, Higher Ground stands out as a hyper-realistic work that knowingly interrupts the public space.

Maser, who began his career by painting graffiti on the streets of Dublin, is now an internationally known artist. The distinctive graphic style of his artwork is the ideal background for this photographic playground. With thousands of visitors per day, Higher Ground is sure to be shared worldwide via such social media outlets as Instagram and Twitter.