Enter Through the 'Light Cave'

Snapshot: FriendsWithYou unveils a colorful, elephant-like experimental art installation standing at the foot of The Standard hotel in New York.

New York City has never been a stranger to interactive installation artwork. As a city that always emphasizes the importance of community and unity, it’s the perfect place for FriendsWithYou's latest experiential installation focused on fun and lively interactions.

FriendsWithYou is a fine art collaborative started in 2002 with Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III. The duo draws inspiration from post-pop visuals like Yayoi Kusama and Murakami, but works in a ton of mediums ranging from paintings and installations to live performances and public spaces. But no matter what the medium is, the message is always the same: a celebration of the world through simple, powerful, and incredibly happy interactions.

“Light Cave” is no difference. It’s an oversized inflatable cave acting as a massive victory tunnel, leading into the lobby of The Standard. The monument feels almost alive thanks to bright, colorful pulsating lights within. The vibrations from the inflation along with the glowing lights creates an incredibly sensory experience inside the structure - an experience that is in tune with FriendsWithYou’s message of Magic, Luck, and Friendship.

Pay the cave a visit anytime this month at The Standard High Line Plaza - especially at night to experience the pulsating lighting effects of the inflatable.

The installation is such a celebration of playfulness and connection that we would recommend getting under the canopy of the cave, even if just for a little bit. Try striking up a conversation with somebody in the cave, it’s what the installation is all about. Nothing could beat an intro story like “We met inside an inflatable, lit-up cave.”. It’s just magical.

Photography by @shinyshinyshinshin @julie_machado @nicoleglevine @blairvoltzclarke @sarahsarahowen