Kiss and Hug: 3D Artwork by Snask

“I am The Malmo Festival - a warm, friendly and sustainable festival and I have taken the city of Malmö for a wild dance one week every year since 1985. Right in the heart of the city you will experience everything from ground breaking art, music and culture to a variety of food that reflects the intercultural vibes and people of Malmo.” 

For the Malmö Festival's 30th birthday, Snask has created an eye-popping installation that embodies the spirit of Malmö. “The Malmöfestivalen” is Scandinavia's largest city-wide festival, offering people of all ages a variety of art, music and tons of fun. The graphic identity is meant to manifest this. At 13x8 meters it’s a structure that was built to play on: You can picture kids climbing on it, couples quietly sitting upon the one of the many bright, wooden platforms and crowds gathering around it as a place of coming together. The design is meant to be interacted with, a symbol that Malmo is an intimate and friendly place for all.

Snask is all about "celebrating fun, eye-catching and bold design." An internationally renowned design, branding and film agency, they're not afraid to be personal and different. Choosing to focus on creating a brand unique and challenging, they push forward with their own unique, youthful and fresh style: "Our name means candy, filth and gossip and everywhere we travel we make a couple of enemies and millions of fans. Snask off!"

The piece matches their ideologies perfectly. it's a bold lineup of hearts, letters and explosive design that forms a radiant rainbow of colors that can only make you feel welcome during Scandinavia’s biggest fest.  “Gratis för alla,” or free for all, is a mantra emblazoned upon the artwork. Since the it began in 1985, the festival has been free, a gesture meant to encourage everyone to come along for the ride, engage in conversation and  meld with the community. The installation is the perfect centerpiece for the Malmö's summer extravaganza, completely containing the invigorating energy of the fest. If you were wondering, “Puss and Kram” translates to kiss and hug, a reminder that the event is all about love: love of culture, the environment and those around you.

Whether you’re waiting for a concert to start or trying tunnbrödsrulle for the first time, the installment is the perfect place to hang out, meet new people and immerse yourself in the fun and exciting culture that Malmö has to offer.

Photography by: Snask