Edible Selfies? Eat Your ‘Art Out

Kate Middleton may be the Duchess of Cambridge, but her brother James is the King behind UK Startup “Boomf”. Triumphantly hollering, “Let them eat marshmallows” from the peak of Buckingham Palace, Middleton has the entire world hooked on roasting, toasting, dunking and melting their own faces. Aussie artist Laura Blythman joins the edible selfie brigade but gives it a vivacious, faceless lift as Boomf print a range of her images on their famous tasty treats.

As the global epidemic of selfies continues to dominate our screens and entire lifestyle, we consumers are constantly provided with new means of capturing, showcasing and often consuming these stunning snaps. From the mundane to the insane, startups and apps bombard us with new filters, collages and blogs to improve our selfie experience. However, Boomf are different. While we have all seen the occasional birthday cake “icing face” (often gone horribly wrong), now we can upgrade to a far sweeter, neater and entirely less fattening means of consuming our own faces. Expertly etched, beautifully boxed and delicately delicious, these marshmallow moments are truly worth a million words.

“Boomf”, according to Middleton, is the sound that a box of marshmallows makes when it lands on your doorstep. At $25 for a box of 9 customized treats, they might be short lived but they drown beautifully in a steaming mug of hot chocolate. You can print anything from your Instagram account ranging from holiday snaps to family reunion photos – basically, why bore everyone with another photo album or another box of mediocre chocolates when they could receive a super-gift of the two combined? As they have shipped an accumulative two tons of marshmallows in less than a year, the company has exploded and is considering international offices and also embarking on collaborative work with artists such as Blythman.

Famed for her bright, colorful, playful sketches, Blythman’s work has been picked up by various design brands worldwide. Her work ranges from stationary, prints & posters depicting hand-drawn images of landscapes, dreamscapes, quotations and animals against simple, clean white backdrops – much like those of a marshmallow. Her magical universes and mythical creatures translate so well to these soft fluffy delicacies, that they are transformed from a vanity fueled face-eating session to a true culinary delight that would easily grace the tables of dinner parties as a fancy, playful, decorative touch.

Whether as a gift for family or for friends - or as a self-indulgent destruction of your ex’s head printed on a box of mallows – Boomf is a prime example of the millennial age and the nonsensical yet whimsical inventions that arise from our imaginations, inventions and running out of ideas for birthday presents.

Photography by Laura Blythman

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