Don Julio’s Collective presents Nathanael Balon

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Don Julio’s Collective presents Nathanael Balon. Leaving the high-life of the music industry was the real dream come true.

Touring the world, making music, and performing to huge live audiences– the ideal lifestyle for any musician. For Nathanael Balon, there was a higher call. Forty days into his second tour, he realized his true passion of building. Returning to his “quiet little corner of LA”, Nathanael exchanged drumsticks for hammer and nail as he set about founding his Los Angeles based woodworking atelier, WoodSmithe.

“Do Good Work”, Nathanael’s motto, has shaped the WoodSmithe ethos, and is what earns his place within Don Julio's Collective. Inspired by the legendary Don Julio Gonzales, the Make Your Move campaign highlights modern day examples of such courageous and innovative characters. Taking a risk, like Nathanael, and leaving everything you know to follow a dream is a bold move. "The Collective" shows us the incredible success that can be achieved when you follow your passion, whether it’s creating the world’s first luxury tequila, or hand-crafting beautiful things.

Hailing from a small town in Indiana, Nathanael had dabbled in both music and building throughout his youth. Having finally decided to make the move back to building, he had a clear objective to move away from the mass-production and inattention to detail usually attributed to design & build companies. He had the skills, and he was willing to try something new. 10 months after the company started, they were presented with a project that he feared was far beyond their means. This client chose WoodSmithe purely based on a belief in their core capabilities, and they were proven right. Nathanael’s passion, and the risks he has taken, have inspired faith in his talent and the quality of work that his company can provide.

“I had to give my everything to building my company but people really responded well to what I was making.” WoodSmithe is founded on togetherness; making real connections with clients and community. Every project and collaboration results in the building of a unique product, a lasting relationship, and a real story worth telling. Nathanael’s design aesthetic is carefully curated, expertly crafted, and makes a steadfast connection with each individual client. His risk, like Don Julio Gonzales', was worth it -“The Collective” is here to inspire others to follow suit.

"I recognized building as a real passion. By building, I am creating community and maintaining a deep relationship with humanity.”

Check out Nathanael’s work at WoodSmithe. Head over to Don Julio to follow the other members of “The Collective”.

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