Cronut Chef’s New Delectable Delight: Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot

Milk’s favorite cookie just got a stylish and scrumptious upgrade.

Chef Dominique Ansel, the mastermind responsible for creating the pastry sensation, the Cronut, has something new to introduce: Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots. Lines around the block, at his New York bakery, are going to be waiting with grumbling stomachs for this reimagined classic milk and cookie combination.

The “glass” is the actual chocolate chip cookie and the milk is poured inside. Chef Ansel was first inspired by his experience trying an Oreo cookie. He wanted to be able to enjoy the refreshing milk and the sweet chocolate chip simultaneously. The adult spin on the classic is not only ironic but also humorous.

Chef Ansel is launching the dessert shot at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas where over 40,000 people are expected to attend. One can only begin to predict this new item’s success. Last year’s Cronut-craze had the doughnut x croissant selling out in less than half an hour. It was even sold on Craigslist.

Cocktail time is about to transform into cookie time.

Photography by DM zwolle Fotografie and Dominique Ansel Bakery