Part sculpture, part cave—see inside for seats!

At first glance these cool hideouts look like they’re ready to orbit Earth. Though these space age-y creations are sticking to this atmosphere, a seat in one of these is no seat on a park bench.

Each of these giant constructs encapsulates a sitting room, if you will, complete with seating for two. Recently displayed at MART, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, in Italy, these eye-catching pods were designed by architect Pedro Sousa, founding architect of TMA, for part of an exhibition and retrospective on the work of Austrian architect and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner.

Each den maintains a spherical shape in essence, though depth and dimension are not forgotten. Playing with the line between round and angular, the many-sided exteriors are made up of various geometric shapes set into distinct patterns.

The outside is left neutral in color. The structures’ intricate design and sheer size, however, make for a dominating presence nonetheless.

By contrast, the inside fully commits to color. The seating area within boasts electric, bold hues that are a blast to the senses.

Something like the lovechild of an egg chair and a lounge, these futuristic sit spots are real showstoppers. Dramatic and innovative inside and out, these will make you really want to sit down.

Photography by Fernando Guerra FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura | architectural photography