Shapes of Liquid Matter by Recom Farmhouse

Recom Farmhouse is a high-end CGI and retouching studio with offices in London, New York, Berlin and Stuttgart, working worldwide on projects covering everything from fashion and beauty retouching to full CGI automobile and product shots. Recently, the creatives at Recom have been experimenting with the shapes of liquid matter in a series of beautiful 3D art pieces.

Led by Christoph Bolten and CGI artist Kristian Turner, the project is an exploration of raw materials. "A series of pure, simple arrangements of raw materials into perspex light-boxes." Explained Bolten. "The composition was also inspired by an old still-life photo taken by Tim Simmons, who I had the pleasure to work for as an assistant when I first moved to London."

The final images included a small cluster of clouds, drips of black goo and splashes of paint. The team used different techniques in Maya for each material: fluid technology for the cloud, polygon modeling for the black goo and three different liquid simulations for the paint. Playing it smart, Recom proves their artistry by creating surreal and emotional visions rather than just standard soulless CGI.

Project credits: Idea & Concept: Christoph Bolten CGI Director: Kristian Turner
CGI Artists: Richard Jenkinson and Simon Watts
Christoph Bolten, Pepe Alram and Riikka Eiro