Play Ball: Snarkiecture Challenges you to a Game of "Airball"

Snapshot: This week sees explosive artwork from Art Basel and Miami Design, including Snarkitecture's "Airball" art installation at  Herzog & de Meuron's designed carpark on 1111 Lincoln Road.

High up on level five, and adjacent to the Alchemist store, Snarkitecture have created a custom arena inspired by basketball. This 1111 location has been a hot-spot for high profile events, shoots and shows since it was built in 2010 with panoramic views providing a stunning, cinematic backdrop. This is the idea location to showcase Snarkitecture's cunning design and innovative take on conventional forms. Why play basketball on ground level, when you could play in the highly impractical sky? 

Snarkitecture regularly challenge normative perceptions, putting a creative and cheeky edge to regular quotidian items, concepts and spaces. Established by Alex Mustonen and Daniel Arsham, they push the boundaries of architectural design to perform in unexpected and inventive ways. Stark white, bright light, monochrome tones and illusions pervade their design work, both in objects and installations, and Airball is no exception. Unsurprisingly, these angular schematics translate excellently to the exposure and raw daylight of the Herzog & de Meuron construct, managing to blend effortlessly with the original design while making it's own unique statement.

The general idea is that the installation visitors are invited to "play ball" and compete in a side-by-side (presumably one-on-one) scenario, as outlined by two custom basketball arcade-style shootouts, making it arguably one of the funnest installations going. Interactive art installations are on the rise, where guests are invited to explore a dizzying geometric maze of mirrors or walk through a nauseating tunnel of LEDs - however, a chill game of hoops overlooking killer views sounds like a charming way to pass the afternoon before swinging by the retail section to pick up some Alchemist and Snarkitecture goodies. 

If, like me, you're not quite the sportsman and fear accidentally chucking a basketball onto some poor unsuspecting pedestrians below, you can either hope that there are some safety nets in place or simply choose to cheer-lead / referee while taking in views and enjoying a leisurely spiraling stroll around the car-park pathway, taking in a full 360 view of your surroundings. However, if you are a stellar athlete, I couldn't imagine a better place for slam-dunk-showdown - as I presume the kids call it these days. 

Snarkitecture, once again, take something we see every day and elevate it - quite literally - to a previously unknown and unexplored artistic level. In this case, level five. 

Photography by Noah Kalina.