Wall Stitch Project: 3D Printed Signage Gets a Lesson in Embriodery

Snapshot: Making use of the full capabilities of 3D printing, YOY design and K’s Design Lab engineer a new way to create embroidery minus the hard labor of stitch work.

Embroidery is known for two things: it’s very appealing, soft, homely design and for taking hours and hours of hard labor to create. YOY design and K’s Design Lab decided to make use of 3d printer technology and bypass the physical labor aspect of stitching, bringing us an efficient and practical method to create awesome new sign art with the WALL STITCH Project. Believe it or not, there was no careful hand sowing those letters upon the wall for the new project, but you would never guess that from looking at it— the 3d printer’s high-definition rendering has allowed YOY and KSDL to create typographical design that perfectly mirrors the texture and tactile intricacies of stitch work by use of their clever design.

YOY design is a studio that’s known for their creative narratives between space and objects. Often playing with expectation and reality (such as creating a pendant light that appears to be swinging and bookend that allows your collection of novels to appear like their floating in the air), their new take on typography is no less challenging the way we perceive.

Being able to seamlessly replicate embroidery just shows us how 3d printing can enable us to present fully customizable design with speed and efficiency, something that can definitely give graphic artists a new dimension to work with. The way each letter is connected by a single strand of yarn-like plastic shows just how delicate the work of a 3d printer can be. Though the plastic pieces might lack the soft feel that hard-labored, time consuming embroidery might have, it still maintains the soft aesthetic that anyone would want in their signage, all while subtracting a lifetime of intensive handwork.

Wall Stitch was presented for the first time at Tokyo Designers Week 2014. You can now order your very own custom wall stitch pieces in any font and color of your choice on their website.