Cool Hunting Edition Break Bar: A Sweet Collaboration with Snarkitecture + Dandelion

Snapshot: Cool Hunting's limited edition Break Bar is the result of an unexpected collaboration of edible artistry between the New York based artists at Snarkitecture and the chocolatiers at Dandelion, with all proceeds going to Southern Exposure. Take a Break. Buy here.

Coming up to the holidays, there are three F's to consider: family, friends and food. There's all the hubbub of who we're going to see, and when, and what tasty treats they're going to cook for us - because we're not cooking. Obviously. However, we must be careful not to forget the glue that sticks all of these magical factors together - presents. Gift-wrapped, thoughtful, sentimental, colorful and perfect, this is the part we all gather for. This is why kids scramble under firs and why everyone runs out of sellotape. This is the part where someone's face lights up or they hide their grimace in a glass of eggnog because you bought them socks. And that is why shopping is the part we all dread.

So here comes the Break Bar to the ultimate rescue. Released just in time for the holidays, this is in fact the answer to all of your problems, prayers and desire to please. Edible, beautiful, charitable and ALREADY WRAPPED - it ticks all the boxes.

The chocolatiers at Dandelion and chocolovers at Snarkitecture have been working on this little magic box for the last year. The two were introduced by Evan Orensten at Cool Hunting, and sumptuous sparks began to fly.

“We love bringing our friends together to see what they can create,” said Orensten, Cool Hunting’s co-founder, Executive Editor and chocoholic. “Dandelion makes some of our favorite chocolate. Snarkitecture continues to shake up the art and design world. We wondered what kind of magic could be made if they met.”

Magic indeed. Snarkitcture are cheeky and bold, creating weird and wonderful interpretations of everyday items - also all great gift ideas - that are slick, edgy and smart. With their experimental minds and wacky ideas, there was no way they were going to make this chocolate project easy for the guys at Dandelion, challenging perceptions, limitations and the basic molecular makeup of chocolate.

“We were really impressed by Snarkitecture’s work and thought it would be fun to see their designs in another medium. Because we are always focused on making great chocolate in our own way, it’s inspiring to see what great designers can do with it.” Says Todd Masonis co-founder of Dandelion Chocolate.

Dandelion are true chocolate believers. There's no frills, no artificial anything, and no Hershey nonsense. This is a raw cocoa bean-to-bar policy, using sugar to highlight the individual taste and nuance of each bean's origin, harvest and roast. Mouth watering yet? Everything at Dandelion is done in house which made for the ideal setting to collaborate with the team at Snarkitecture, and to get creative with experimental structure .

“The design we developed creates an element of surprise while referencing the   preexisting proportions of Dandelion's standard chocolate bar. When you unwrap the bar, a fracture running around its edge is revealed. When pulled apart along this fracture, two perfectly opposite landscapes come into view. This break at the edge and the excavated surface texture of the two halves play on the idea of a "broken" object that is in fact completely functional, and in this case, also happens to be delicious.” - Snarkitecture

The Break Bar is two nest bars of 70% Belize chocolate and a grand total of 6 oz. Ideal for sharing OR for eating one half with the intention of eating the other half later, which you will inevitably fail to do but it's always great to start of thinking you have the will power to restrain yourself. As such, this is also a great "me" present and there will be no judgement should you choose to hide your Break Bar from your family members. They will have enough M&Ms to last a lifetime.

As an added incentive - as if you need one - the Break Bar is also a magical transportation machine to the world of Roald Dahl. Five of the 500 bars made will contain a special "White Ticket" which will invite you to Willy Wonka's factory where you can eat infinite chocolate and never gain a pound for the rest of your life. OK so the factory part might just be an elaborate fantasy, but the White Ticket is very real, and the prize is a sculpture of the Break Bar - one that you can't eat, so you can gaze upon it's beauty and relive the memory of chocolatey goodness forever.

One more incentive - just in case you weren't convinced. All profits from the sale of the bar go to Southern Exposure, a not-for-profit arts organization that supports the Arts in San Francisco. Through their extensive and innovative programming, SoEx strives to experiment, collaborate and further educate while providing an extraordinary resource center and forum for Bay Area and national artists and youth in their Mission District space and off-site in the public realm. Need I say more?

So the gift includes donating to the Arts, eating delicious artisan chocolate - which doubles as eating art, possibly going to Willy Wonka's factory AND it's all presented in extraordinary Snarky wrapping. At $45 a piece, this may call for a one-for-me, one-for-you situation.

Take a break. Buy here.

Photography by Noah Kalina and Josh Rubin

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