Apocalypse Photographs by Artist Lori Nix

Born in Kansas, Lori Nix’s foreboding photographs present a world on the brink of destruction. The artist spends months constructing her dioramas, creating most of her pint sized worlds with paper, cardboard and foam, painted over in a painstakingly realistic manner. The resulting photographs are both impressive and uncanny.




Artist and photographer Lori Nix creates miniature dioramas before photographing them, revealing her preoccupation with apocalyptic realities. Although she describes herself as a photographer, she builds her chosen subjects rather than capturing them in the real world. The process is extensive as Nix, together with her partner/assistant Kathleen Gerber, typically spends around seven months sculpting, assembling and painting her mini-worlds, and then three weeks photographing them. As such she is able to produce roughly three final photographs in a good year, working simultaneously on different projects. When asked about her influences she names landscape painters, particularly 18th century romanticists like Casper David Friedrich, for whom the recreation of the sublime was the object of their art.