Creative Instagrammer of the Week: iNo

Beautiful, surreal images blanket the streets of Athens: a man with empty eyes and a wind up sticking out of the side of his head (aptly named clockwork), a woman’s defeated expression on crumpled paper, a blurred twisting face in hopeless despair. These paintings broadcast a message to any onlookers: a feeling of futility and a drive for change.

Decorating the center of the city with stunningly beautiful and amazingly detailed paintings, iNo has easily captured the attention of the web. Choosing Instagram for creative use of its limited square-only formant, iNo has spread his influence throughout the web, garnering acclaim from anyone who shares his passion for street art. Using techniques that can make the corners of buildings seemingly disappear or disorient the viewer by surgically slicing images, you’ll find new, ingenious methods of the art form in his feed.

iNo has been invading the graffiti scene since 2000. Though he began his journey tagging trains, he more recently shifted to figurative painting. Using both his own aerosol fatcap technique and various types paint, he’s been creating oversized murals that completely cover the face of buildings. Fully expressing the emotions brought by the current state of Greece, iNo’s powerful imagery pulls focus to the individual and demands that action is necessary.  One of his recent pieces, Wake Up, depicts a hand reaching out to another, stretched across the face of an entire building. There’s a split down the middle, indicating a divide, a helpless feeling of falling and inevitable destruction and a coin just out of reach –a rebellious call for protest.

Participating in worldwide graffiti festivals, exhibitions and urban landscape interventions, he has received recognition from around the globe. As a widely published and sought after artist, iNo’s voice has been heard, entrusting us with powerful, unique artwork that’s beyond inspiring. 

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