FriendsWithYou At Art Basel Miami 2011

Last week, Art Basel Miami kicked off in it’s usual spectacular form. We’re talking a full week, where art and design lovers flock down to South Beach for glitzy parties, artistic surprises, exclusive shows, oh and the hot Miami sun!  The unveiling of FriendsWithYou’s latest creation, “Inner Space, The Secrets Of  The Unknown’ has caught our attention in a major way.

The Miami based art collective team has spent recent years poping up in different cities with their larger-than-life community of happy and colorful inflatables called Rainbow City, but their creativity surely doesn’t stop there. FWY, who is spearheaded by Samuel Borkson and Arturo “Tury” Sandoval, designs art, toys, websites, graphics, and apparel. Borkson and Sandoval  proudly showed off their new collection “Inner Space, The Secrets Of  The Unknown’, which involves colorful wooden sculptures, tiny metal characters, magical inflatable creatures, and and mind teasing prints. FWY Explained that “the pieces on display are figurative self reflective treasures, levitating in a space continuum, revealing something otherwise inaccessible.” These new works have opened up in FWY’s permanent art space in the Miami Design District.

Knstrct had the chance to catch up with Samuel and Tury to get some more insight about the duo, because we had some questions, that couldnt go any longer without answers….

1. If aliens came to our planet, and you could send only one person to be an ambassador, to talk them out of annihilating the human race, who would you send?


2. FriendsWithYou expresses their dream of pushing evil out of the world, we love this concept! What’s your game plan on kicking evil out?

Mmmm I think we do this in our personal lives. We don’t want to kick out evil. Sometimes it’s necessary. We just want to arm people with power and increase love and magic between all people.

3. Who do you like more, your mom? or your dad?

love them both differently.

4. Would you consider the TV series Jersey Shore a reality show? or a documentary?

It’s just awesome !

5. FriendsWithYou has actual copyrights to the term “Magic, Luck, and Friendship. Do either of you practice magic?

 we both do.

6. FriendsWithYou partnered up with Pharrell Williams a few years back, how did this partnership spawn? How involved is Pharrell in the actual design process?

We are friends and future projectors. We dream big and love hard.

7. I ran into Pharrell one time in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City, he’s handsome in real life, do you agree? (rate 1-10?)

Yeah he is handsome inside and out with a 10