The Field Of Lights

Like a vision straight out of the pages of a fairy tale, Bath's Holburne Museum covered its grass with 5,000 flowering lights. Lighting designer Bruce Munro is the only talent capable of this glowing garden of blossoming beauty, which he titled Field of Lights. The bulbs are arranged in patches, all connecting to a central unit which dictates their colors. Each patch is a different color which creates a magical atmosphere!

The light bulbs are made of frosted spheres which are threaded with fiber optic cables, lit by a color projector.

The patches change colors throughout the night to a slow rhythmic beat which enchants holiday visitors.

Munro came up with the idea for this field of lights almost 20 years ago while on a trip to Australia. He was inspired by the way the empty desserts would bloom after rainfall, and hoped to recreate it with lighting.

The free exhibition opened to the public this past Saturday, and will stay lit through the holidays.

(Photography: Getty Images)