Sweden's Big Yellow Bunny

Sweden's OpenArt Biennale recently kicked off in the town of Orebro. The organization brought in Florentijn Hofman, a design firm best known for their larger than life sculptures and clever statues, to create an enormous yellow bunny in the middle of the town square. The bunny provides a new focal point to the public space, which once was the Statue of Engelbrekt (currently standing behind the rabbit). The sculpture provides a new experience to people who regularly use this space for shopping, restaurants, and church; Florentijn Hofman is encouraging Orebro visitors to examine the space both with the bunny, and then again after its removal. The 43 foot  high rabbit is hand constructed with Florentijn Hofman's team and 20 volunteers. The sculpture is made on site, of all local materials, wood, some metal, wood shingles, and paint. Each wood shingle was screwed on, one by one! It's only when you are up close that you can understand the detail and precision that went into its making.

Florentijn Hofman is also the team responsible for these other amazing larger than life sculptures that have been seen in different places around the world!

(Image Credits: Florentijn Hofman)