Louis Vuitton's Ostriches Grace 5th Ave.

Shopping on the famed 5th Avenue can be a zoo at times, and this month is no exception. Louis Vuitton is giving people the bird, and not in the standard NYC fashion.

Larger than life ostriches and eggs are gracing the windows, displaying Vuitton’s spring and summer shoe and accessory collection. London based creative agency Chameleon Visual produced the stunning display. It’s just one expertise in their repertoire of skills that include design, production and installation of visual concepts. The prehistoric animal was hand crafted by the team who meticulously sculpted the faces and painted the legs a gilded gold. The cheeky ostriches are playful and yet surreal, their long necks traveling through window displays, and dipping into the ground only to come up again in a different location. Their over sized eggs are vertically lined in front of tufted pink velvet walls, hatching the season’s latest accessories! Chameleon’s display for Louis Vuitton translates into the concept of rebirth, which essentially is what the season of spring is all about.  

Images Provided By Julia Chesky